Wurfplanung Dezember 2020


             Pride of Russia Feodora (Pride of Russia Luchezar - Pride of Russia Pikovaya Dama)



Wurfplanung August 2020


Wir erwarten Welpen Mitte August!



Wurfplanung Juni 2020


Tahi-Reme Viviana & Pride of Russia Taurus


Tahi-Reme Viviana (Jameerah&Asterix) 


IDC World Championship Show Hungary 2019
Vice Winner Champion Class Black Females

European Winner and BOB 2018
Champion of Poland
Champion of Slovakia
Champion of Luxembourg
Youth Champion of Luxembourg

24-h-EKG-Holter/ Ultrasound and Doppler 11-2018 no signs of DCM
vWD - clear
DNA Tested
PPM - free
RD - free
CEA - free
PRA - free



Pride of Russia Taurus (PoR Sidor&PoR Kalina)


              IDC World Championchip Show Slovakia 2018

 Exc 3 in Open Class

                  IDC World Championchip Show Italy 2016       

Exc 3 Intermediate Class

        IDC World Championchip Show Finnland 2015

Exc 4 Puppy Class

Youth Champion of Luxembourg
Champion of Luxembourg

Champion of Slovakia

Golden Dobermannshow 2018 Slovakia Exc 1 Working Class Winner+CAC
World Dog Show 2015 Milano Vp 2 in Baby Class
Euro Dog Show Oslo 2015 Vp 2 in Puppy Class

BH / ZTP V1A / IPO1 (94-86-84)

 HDB / vWD free  

24-h-EKG-Holter/ Ultrasound and Doppler, DCM-free 2017/2018/März 2020 DCM free